Sadie Makes an Appearance

Meet Sadie,

Sadie LOVES Edina football. We LOVE the hat! Here she is on the 10-yard line. The goalpost of the opposing team is the ONLY place she would be photographed, naturally. This is where the Edina football team spends most of its time. This is then where she spends most of her time when on the field. See if you can find the location where she was photographed.

Sadie is all about Edina. She is born, received a proper education and “breeding” here. She is, ahem, naturally from Edina. She LOVES cake. She loves, even more, days at the spa, nights talking over the anything with friends at the finest sidewalk cafes. Talking is oh so fun and a close second is sports. Edina sports make up many Tuesdays and Thursdays after school and all Friday nights in the fall. Outside of Fridays in the fall, you never know where she will show up. She is a mystery. But, Moet en Chandon, caviar, and leaves from most Edina trees do attract her. Feel free to make a reservation for one extra giraffe at your sidewalk cafe table. Maybe, just maybe, she will pencil your dinner into her social calendar! Her stories are definitely worth it. And yes, she speaks like a baroness. If it is a Friday, it is already booked starting in September.


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