Some people look great in ANYTHING!

Flowers always enhance any outfit. This bouquet is saving you huge stress, too. You see, she is a spy. If you saw her she would be officially "outed." If recent history is any indicator, this would make the news. The FBI would be at your doorstep. You would be trashed by the drive by media. They would make money from sponsors, but your life would be destroyed in the name of profits for CNN. So, the flowers are saving you. So why aren't we saving them in return? We humans are always saving the trees, not the flowers. Perhaps the flowers are in cahoots with the trees. They save her and we save the trees. Perhaps this explains Bill Clinton and backers defaming Jennifer Flowers? He obviously cared for her. Perhaps she did not hide him from the world the way these are hiding the young lady. Bill probably has a lot to hide.


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