Madmen Waiting on a Wedding

This photo of Waiting on a Wedding is right from the 1960s. All that is missing is cigarette smoke and Jim Beam on ice. If so, there would be two guys outside the front doors packing heat and watching. Just watching and keeping the event civilized. Their names would be Tony and Eddie. I long for those safe days when everyone could have fun. It's different now. Now, anything can happen. Some government funded group of punks could show up with knives and guns. They would hang around our front from the street and stare. If you ask them to move on they would threaten you in very poor English. They would yell obscenities at you. They would complain about their civil rights being violated. I doubt they would know how to spell any of those words, but we would be Minnesota nice and try our hardest to "understand" them. We would fill in the blanks in their thought patterns even as they accused us of "profilin". The only 'filin that would be going on would be the 'filin the police would do of their reports afterwards. That's pretty much all they are allowed to do nowadays. 'Filin. The government would blame us for the problem and we would have our first rap sheet entries. After all is said and done, I would rather live in a world where Tony and Eddie out front do good work, enforce safety, and don't care much for reports.


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