Got Juice?

This is one of the guys that makes the world work. He gets little notice. Without him, things slow and eventually stop. He does his job far more professionally than almost famous stars and athletes, but doesn't show up on national TV. He should get more credit. Guys like him are not one dimensional. One dimensional gets noticed. When you watch an afternoon sporting event, you are most interested in the one dimension you are paying to see. The one dimension by itself is a yawn past the two and a half hour extravaganza of it, and beer, insurance, and car ads. The producers know it, too. They go to great lengths making videos showing "human" sides of professional athletes. This adds a few dimensions, whether true or not. The Olympics is a showcase of video shorts.They have to work hard to make the athletes look worthwhile to watch. Otherwise, we would all be as bored as we were in the 1960s before video shorts. Heck, the video shorts are probably more interesting than the sporting events! It is like the dog races half-time at professional basketball games. They are far more entertaining than the games! If the games are close in the last couple of minutes, I'll give it to them. They are as exciting as the dog races.

With Juice, here, he screams being multifaceted. You can tell by the look on his face that he has a few places to be and is always looking for the next. This guy would be bored stiff if all he had to look forward to was another wide receiver practice. It might be fun for a day or two, but beyond that the only draw would be the money. That's a pretty good draw, but a fairly large price to pay for a long term snooze job. He cold break the monotony with a knee injury rehab or two.


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