They Know Where You Are. Don't Try to Escape!!

Fairs bring out the best in everybody. But, this is not a fair crowd. These are four CIA agents trying to look like simple faces in the crowd. They are surveilling the lady in the back left with what appears to be a water bottle. In reality, it is a portable nuclear accellerator. It is used to power her camera, but the agents do not know it. The lady on the left really isn't a CIA agent (no sunglasses) but wants to be. She is in constant contact with her make believe super via her portable communications device. The flower topped lady is watching her through the mirrors on the inside of her sunglasses. The man with the hat is watching her reflection in his soda glass. The lady on the right is, well, sleeping with her eyes open behind the sunglasses. She, after all, is a government employee. The one they should REALLY be concerned about is the man behind them holding up the cinder block wall with his head. If he moves, the collapse would kill, injure, and maim hundreds. He should get a Presidential citation. But,I suppose he could never get one of those because he is doing something completely legal. Lake Wobegon isn't really the same any more, is it?


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