Smile When Your Heart Blackberrys

A fruit is a fruit whether it is plastic or not. This young lady has a great ability to look excited at the drop of a hat. Maybe it is becasue there are no seeds to get caught in her teeth. I think we did this last spring while there was still snow on the ground. So a warm shoot is not a bad place to spend a Saturday afternoon. Pretty girl. Pretty blackberry. Pretty picture. Tech Lude after the jump...
I felt like I worked for Acme Portrait Studios taking school photos. There was a umbrella right and left of the camera at 45 degrees off axis. Additionally, we used a light slave to hold a light on her hair to give it that "just came in from the mountain goat pasture" freshness. Her hair took it well. By the way, a light slave is actually a slave holding the light and not some made in China device.


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