Study, study, study

Burning the Midnight Oil
It looks like this guy has a mountain of books to get through before he can go home for the night. Actually, they are mostly for effect. The textbooks for his class are stacked up behind him as the school year closes out. He is likely grading papers for the kids, er, uh, or just looking like it for the picture. The Eagle Ridge Academy Camera Club built this picture with help form yours truly one day after school. I am sure the teacher wonders what ever happened to the picture! Tech details after the jump...
The lightslave (not to be comfused with a slaved light) held the shoeflash light on his face from about 80 degrees off center axis while another lightslave held another shoeflash about 45 degrees off center axis camera right. A little Pshop darkened the books in the background and Voila!


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