An Apple a Day and a Job Far Away

An apple has many lives. It is edible, literary, and absolutely wearable! Apple is always in style on any child's face. It has a way of bringing us all back to childhood when impressing everyone was not nearly as important as gettin great eats! Apples have provided countless homes for worms, degreaser for our kitchens, and even jobs! Yes, jobs. The politicians would like this. Where would the peeler be if not for the apple? Baker's Square, Emma Krumbies (I can smell the apple pie) or even the annual trip to the apple orchard are all made possible by apples. So far we are talking thousands of jobs and miles of political speech-writing fodder. Speechwriters are at least as entitled to work as employment seeking attorneys. Oh, and think of that California based company that makes the IPad and IPhone. Without the Apple, there would not be 30,000 more engineering jobs in China to design the IPad. Thank your local politicians as much as the apple for that, too. Perhaps if they were not so much in the way, those could have been American engineers in America. So much for regulation. The Apple Iphone in your hand cost about $8 to manufacture. The apple in her hand was pretty much free from God. And THAT is a way better profit margin than some silly IPhone.


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