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Lillian, You Do Not Have a Chance

Hollywood is a mean, back-stabbing place.
Only minutes after the photos were released from the website of an unknown photographer, its biggest star, Lillian Gish was on the phone prowling for the name of this beauty trying to upstage her. After calling close friends and producers to no avail, she surmised that only Betty Davis could have been behind this. Apparently, they had a falling out over an unnamed leading man. He was last seen at Betty's Hollywood Hills home hiding in the "Gables" when Lillian stormed in. In truth, Betty was not involved in this shoot. It was only the good for nothing photographer and Holly that were in cahoots to dominate Hollywood. After all, "Holly"Wood is HER name! She deserves it.
It turns out that Dame Betty, a close friend of the photographer (or should I saw really close and personal friend), got her claws in the fight as soon as she heard Lillian contracted the vapors after seeing it. She wanted any part of this she could get. Wo…

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